Monday, April 2, 2012


Not all angels have wings. My two sons were traveling on their bikes across Texas. One son was pulling a small trailer which held his pet dog, Raisin. His bicycle lost a spoke. Then they spotted two pitiful puppies by the side of the road. They were hungry and full of fleas and ticks. They picked up the pups and placed them with Raisin.

When they arived at the next town they went to a motel to spend the night. However, the motel room smelled and they couldn't stay there. A stranger approached them and after greeting them and finding out their problem asked them if they cared to spend the night in his backyard. My sons agreed. The man conversed with them further and then told them they could spend the night in his home. The boys accepted.

Thus began a pleasant evening with the stranger and his wife. Meanwhile our sons called us and told us of their predicament. The next day we drove to the town and met the folks who helped our offspring. I offered them a pumpkin cake I had made.

My husband and I met the angels and were surprised to find out they didn't possess wings.

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